Who we are

Vanessa Rose Castro, President
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Vanessa Rose Castro, or Vanie to family and friends is a software craftswoman living in Basel, Switzerland. Although programming is part of her daily job, she would do it any day for fun. Hiking is a hobby she recently acquired. She can spend hours on end taking pictures of nature and architecture or simply looking at them. Her favorite places to hang out in a city are libraries. 

“The truth is, with hard work and dedication, dreams do come true.”

Miriam Ling, Secretary

Miriam Ling, a nature lover, never gets bored of wonderful landscapes and what mother earth has created. She likes hiking and cycling in summer, and enjoys places where there are snow in winter. She embraces new experiences and exploring the world is her passion. Her father once told her, “Always be helpful to others”, and that is why she is part of PeSSA.

“Be kind. When there is kindness, there is goodness.”

Zuzana Filková, Member

Zuzana Filková works as an economist and statistician. She loves music in any form, be it recorded, her own amateur performance or the sound of the city and the nature.

“Vanessa introduced me to PeSSA scholarships at work and immediately got my support: students should get a chance to change their lives, so more people around the globe can have their Vanies working with them!”