Help sponsor a student

Sponsor a student

Do you want to have an impact on someone else’s life but don’t know how? Create a monthly standing order to our account and we will put together yours and others contribution to help a student in Manila get a university education.

Using exchange rate as of 3-Dec-2019, here’s a summary of how your monthly donation could help one student:

  • CHF 136 translates to ~ Php 7000, the monthly cost of accommodation, food, transportation, books and other miscellaneous expenses
  • CHF 34 can pay for a student’s one week’s worth of expenses, whereas in Switzerland, this amount can only buy a meal at a casual restaurant
  • CHF 5 can buy a cup of coffee in Switzerland, but in Manila, this is a day worth of living expenses

For any questions about the process of sponsoring a student or part of a student’s cost, please feel free to send a mail to

Join our events

Once in a while, we organize campaigns or social events around Basel. Be part of any our fundraising Activities if you are around.

Simply donate

Simply donate any amount to our bank account below:

IBAN : CH60 0900 0000 1520 0757 2

Account Description: Philippine Scholarship Sponsors Association Basel
Bank : PostFinance
Account No: 15-200757-2

Tax receipts

We are authorised by Steuerverwaltung Basel-Stadt to issue tax reduction receipts for donations at least CHF 100. Please let us know if you would like to receive a receipt.