2019 – Photographer’s Profile

eduardo bernardes (brazil)

Eduardo is a founding member of the Hong Kong Society of Underwater Photographers. A seasoned underwater photographers from Brazil with pictures taken in hundreds dives in Asia, he has an extensive portfolio with macro, landscapes, large animals and underdater behaviour. Meticulously post processes his photos and maintains the hksuwp.com website. 

You can see all his underwater photos here:

This manta was photographed in the south part of the Maldives in April 2018. Visibility was great, people were expecting they would appear in one location but I spotted them in another place and slowly moved there and had them all to myself for a while. 

anthony laissue (france)

Anthony is an amateur landscape photographer. He travels around the world in search of pure nature and makes sure not to miss any sunrise or sunset.


Cais Palafítico da Carrasqueira

During a photo-trip in Portugal last year, one of my goals was to visit and take pictures of this amazing and photogenic place. The weather was not optimal, so I had to be patient… but patience in landscape photography usually pays off.

Le Col et Lac d’Anterne

Together with two friends, we reached this amazing place in the French Alps after a long hike in October. We enjoyed taking pictures during some hours with the perfect reflection on the lac d’Anterne.

pierre-jean pallez (france)

PJ is a French amateaur astronomer and photographer based in Basel, Switzerland.

Composite image of 3 shots taken from under Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland, it’s an ice cave system carved out by the rivers that form when glacier melts in the warmer months, name of this place is treasure Island, or Hornafjordur if you like scoring big at scrabble

Those chunks of ice are not ice but chunks of glacier ice that have calved and ended up washed into the ocean, which shoves them on Jökulsárlón aka “diamond beach” in Iceland.

angelika weizel (germany)

I am Angelika – hobby photographer from Germany, and currently live in Hong Kong.
I love traveling, cooking, meeting new people and I feel most happy when I can do all of it at the same time! When I heard about PESSA for the first time I was immediately excited about this project and wanted to support it. I’m happy I can contribute a little bit by sharing one of my photos.

This picture was taken in December 2016 on the Inle Lake in Myanmar – one of my favorite countries so far. Even if the fisherman was obviously posing for the photo I still love the thousand tones of sunlight reflecting on the water.

vanie castro (philippines)

Vanie is an IT professional during the week and a hiker any sunny weekend. She finds peace in taking photographs, thinking, and being in nature.

This photo was taken during my first Igloo trip in March 2016 – three months after moving to Europe. After sleeping in our hand-made organic accommodation, we did a short snowshoe walk around the area of Melchsee-Frutt, Switzerland.

This photo was taken in Gantrisch in June 2017 with flowers of different colors spread over green fields. The mountain range in the background is Bernese Oberland.

Taken last October 2019 using my Samsung S9, I fell in love with this picture of Matterhorn reflecting on Riffelsee that I came back after a month hoping to take the same photo with with my SLR. Unfortunately (or not), everything was different when I came back, the water, the grass, the sky, the clouds. I went to the same place, but saw a different beauty. A gentle reminder that everything changes around us, every second is different than the last.

Taken on Christmas day of 2016 in Colmar, Alsace, this photo reminds me of the uncomfortable circumstances photographers endure to stay out for the sake of capturing a nano-slice of time. It was a freezing cold night,

thies lehmann (germany)

steffen (germany)