Join us

Our association is new and we are looking for more people who believe in the same cause. If you are willing to invest some of your time and energy to help achieve the goals of PeSSA, let us  know your interest and how you can help by sending a mail to

Although our HQ is in Basel, you don’t have to live in Switzerland to be a member. The world is huge and we welcome people from different backgrounds and experiences. We will find a way so you can join the annual general assembly remotely.

There is no membership fee.

Here’s some things we could use your help with :

  • We are working on our first fundraising activity, you could give us a hand in distributing the tokens to friends and family who are interested to donate
  • We have some basic writing skills, but we could use more help in preparing publicity materials or simply reviewing each other’s work
  • We want to reach out to as many as we can, help us translate the contents of the website to a language you are fluent with
  • The association needs a logo, if this is something you can do digitally, then you are more than welcome
  • If you have WordPress and WooCommerce knowledge, you can help maintain
  • There’s none planned yet, but we may have some events in the future. These ones would need some hands to organize

Finally, you can simply help spread the word out and support our fund raising activities whichever way you can.

If you cannot commit to joining the association but would like to help, let us know still. 🙂