Thank you

We would like to thank those who have given their donations and orders during the recent weeks. We are extremely grateful.

We would also like to thank a few people without which our association and its efforts would not have been brought to life.

To Frank Eckert and Rufus Lobo, for their advises on setting up an association in Switzerland.

To Marek Hlavacek, for helping to curate the photos used in the 2019 calendar and sorting out technical issues.

To Gerald Ho, for reviewing the earlier draft of “Slums to Scholarships”.

To Krista Hughes, for editing “Slums to Scholarships”.

To Ann Gabrielle Katigbak, for working on the Italian translation of  “Slums to Scholarships”.

To Tammy Boydell of Bespoke Biscuits Co. for baking delicious Christmas tree gingerbread cookies and donating all the sales to PeSSA.

To the photographers who contributed their work for free to our 2019 calendar for a cause.