2018 – Calendars for a Cause

2019-01-16 Update: This fundraising activity is now closed. We would like to thank everyone who has supported our efforts. Checkout our News page for updates.

The cost of studying a four-year program (including living costs) at the University of the Philippines Diliman is PhP 280,000 (CHF 5,300). We hope to commit to helping as many students as possible starting next semester, January 2019. Our aim is to help at least 2 students.

We ask for your help to achieve this goal. In return, we will send you a token of appreciation in the form of either a  2019 calendar (in English) or a poster of landscape images taken by one of our members during her travels in Europe and Asia.

Donation tokens

Code Description Amount (in CHF)
CA3P A3 Panorama Wall Calendar (on glossy photo paper) 80 and above
CA3D A3 Panorama Wall Calendar (glossy paper)   60
CA4P A4 Panorama Wall Calendar (on glossy photo paper) 50
TCLandscape Table Calendar40
PLPoster 40x60cm (photo paper)25
PSPoster 30x45cm (photo paper)20


Poster choices are available at https://pessa.ch/posters/


2019 Table Calendar
2019 Wall Calendar

how to purchase a token

Send your interest to donate and donation option/s to pessa.basel@gmail.com or to any association members you know. We can either hand the token in person or send it to you or on your behalf via post (posting costs may apply to larger tokens). Please include the delivery address and recipient in your mail if applicable. 

payment options

Account Description: Philippine Scholarship Sponsors Association Basel
IBAN : CH60 0900 0000 1520 0757 2
Bank : PostFinance
Account No: 15-200757-2

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